softwareboxDate: 4/24/2015
Subject: OpenRSi 4.2 image available for Gigablue HD QUAD Plus and Ultra UE models.

We’ve changed to the new buildchain environment and included Gstreamer 1.4.x in these images.

The change to Gstreamer 1.4.x was necessary because version 0.x was no longer supported.
Also, Gstreamer does a much better handling of multimedia content.

Last, but not least, the new drivers are included in all Gigablue images.

GigablueDate: 04/17/2015
Subject: Gigablue Ultra UE bootloader.

We’ve added the Gigablue Ultra UE bootloader to the downloadsection.

So, if something goes wrong, download de bootloader and repair your receiver using the USB flashing procedure.





softwareboxDate: 10/24/2014
Subject: OpenRSi 4.1 image available for all Gigablue models.

We’ve changed to the new buildchain environment. With a new kernel, driver updates and a new flash procedure, we now introduce OpenRSi 4.1.

Changes to start with:

  • [GigaBlue] 3.14.2 new kernel-source
  • [GigaBlue] 3.9.6 add EXT4 to kernel
  • [GigaBlue] update drivers gbquadplus, gbquad, gb800ueplus, gb800seplus, gbipbox
  • FIX decode from usb dvb-t
  • FIX pink (finally)
  • FIX ipch record & streaming.
  • FIX ts avsync
  • ADD wma

softwareboxDate: 04/08/2014
Subject: OpenRSi 4.0 image available for Gigablue HD Quad Plus.

The Gigablue HD Quad Plus was introduced last week. Little time to beta-test an image.

Nevertheless, we included the image in the daily build and made it available for download.

softwareboxDate: 01/03/2014
Subject: OpenRSi 4.0 has been released.

Although Beta, we have decided to release OpenRSi 4.0 daily build images for all Gigablue receivers.
4.0 is mainly different from how we build the image.

From the outside (look and feel) it is no different than what you’re used to.

We are now building test-releases of the images. Feel free to use/test it. But remember, use of the image is always at your own risk.

DriversDate: 10/04/2013
Subject: OpenRSi is building Gigablue SE+ and UE+ images.

Gigablue has released their new models, the 800SE+ and 800UE+.
Main differences with the previous models are faster CPU’s and more memory.

We are now building test-releases of the images for the 800 SE+ and UE+ models.
We expect to release the new images withing the next two weeks.

DriversDate: 03/08/2013
Subject: OpenRSi driver and kernel update for GigaBlue HD QUAD.

We have implemented a new kernel and new driver in our firmware for the GigaBlue HD QUAD receiver.

To use the new kernel and driver, you need to completely flash your HD QUAD receiver.

Date: 03/05/2013
Subject: Gigablue QUAD Drivers gigablue-quad-drivers-3.5.1-20130305

Gigablue development team has released a new driver for the Gigablue HD QUAD receiver.

There are quite some fixes to mention. Take a look at the changelog below.

Drivers will be implemented with the next image-build.
– SD image quality improved
– DVB-C sensitivity improved
– Fixed pink-screen on some TV channels
– Audio DVD Pass-through fixed
– Audio delay fixed
– DVD no audio when switching Pass-through On/Off fixed
– No audio with M4A files fixed
– Player crash fixed
– Wrong resolution fixed
– DTT init fixed
– 6 Tuners now go
– Driver crash with cs fixed
– Driver crash when playing from a NFS share fixed
– CA fixed. Slot 0 and 1 now work
– Preparation for SNR fixed
– No audio after standby fixed
– HDMI CEC fixed
– Fast channel-zapping fixed
– Tuner detection fixed
– Added Blind-scan DVB-S feature

Driver: gigablue-quad-drivers-3.5.1-20130305

Date: 11/25/2012
Subject: OpenRSi goes GigaBlue

GigaBlue logoWe haven been making AZBox images for a while now and what we learn from feedback is that it is quite a popular image.

Right now, we have limited the image-building to AZBox HD, Me and miniMe receivers, but we have been asked to build an image for the GigaBlue receivers as well.

So, we can proudly say that we will also be making images for Gigablue 800SE, 800UE and QUAD HD receivers in the future.

First image has been send to the manufacturer for review and we hope to be able to publish the first public releases in the next couple of weeks.

So, stay tuned!