AZBox (mini)Me

Flashing AZBox Me/miniMe

Be sure you have downloaded the right firmware from our downloadpage.
Also, be sure that your AZBox (mini)ME is connected to the network.

In this tutorial, we will install OpenRSi, including the kernel, which you will find on our downloadpage, to boot-partition BOOT0. However, feel free to install it on any other partition of your choice.

First step

  • Flip the powerswitch at the back of you AZBox (mini)ME.
  • Press the POWER button on you remote control.
  • If your display shows the message ‘VFD Ready‘, hold the Volume+ key on your remote control, until an IP address is shown in the display.

Installing the firmware

  • Open your favorite web browser, like Firefox/Chrome/IE, and type in the shown IP address.
    The following screen will be shown.

  • Click on firmware upgrade (BOOT0).

  • Click on Choosing File and select the Firmware file you have downloaded from our downloadpage and press OK.

  • After you have selected the firmware, click on the Upload button. The firmware will now be copied to your AZBox mini(ME). When this process is finished, a new webpage will appear.

  • Select the Reboot option and click the Flash button.
  • The AZBox mini(ME) will now be installed with the new firmware, using BOOT0. The installation will take just a few seconds, after which the AZBox (mini)Me will reboot and start with the new firmware.

First boot

  • As soon as the display on your AZBox shows the message VFD Ready, press and hold the numeric key on your remote control, which corresponds with the boot-partition you installed the firmware on.
    So, if you installed the firmware on BOOT0, press ‘0‘. If you installed the firmware on BOOT1, then press ‘1‘. And so on.
  • Your AZBox will now boot from partition BOOTx, on which OpenRSi is installed.

Keep in mind that the receiver remembers what partition it booted from. So, next time you start your AZBox, it will start from that same partition.