GigaBlue HD QUAD

Installation OpenRSi image on Gigablue HD Quad.

We assume that you already installed the latest bootloader!

You need a USB flash drive that is formatted with Fat32.

  • Download the latest firmware from our download-section and unzip it in the root of the USB flash drive.
    On your USB flash drive, the directory will look like \gigablue\quad.

    Content of the folder look something like this:



  • Turn/Power off you GigaBlue receiver.
  • Insert your USB flash drive. The USB port at the back of you receiver is preferred.
  • Turn/Power on your GigaBlue receiver.
    The display will prompt you in yellow text.
  • Confirm flashing with the OK button on the front of your receiver and the installation will begin.

DO NOT turn/power off the receiver during the installation!!

As soon as the installation is done, the receiver will reboot and the installation-wizard will appear!